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Because Family Violence Knows NO Boundaries!


SILVER LININGS primary focus is educating the local community of the domestic violence epidemic that is facing our society today.  And only through education will we curb the domestic violence epidemic facing our area.


SILVER LININGS was approved to change their agency name on January 31, 2005 by the Washington State Secretary of State to ADVOCATES AGAINST FAMILY VIOLENCE.  AAFV believes this new name is only one positive enhancement as they find their fit in the community.


SILVER LININGS is the vision of a small dedicated group of community members that believe our community should be at the forefront of educating our youth to know the warning signs of dating violence, in-home family violence, and a rapidly growing category of immigrant family violence.  Our services reflect our commitment to curbing the domestic violence issues that our local community has seen so publicly on the rise.


AAFV is actively facilitating over fourteen domestic violence support groups throughout the Tri-Cities area every month.  We provide legal assistance with Domestic Violence Protection Orders and assist with moral support during court hearings.  We specialize in empowering the victim and survivor by providing a voice within the community and legal systems.


AAFV facilitates several community information speeches to an array of businesses, non-profit agencies, and community groups to educate the larger community on domestic violence issues within the area.


AAFV provides numerous avenues for people to receive domestic violence information and/or assistance.  One of their primary resources is providing domestic violence education material online.


Our vision is our hope that we will bring a face to domestic violence in our community and make this epidemic a neighborhood wide response.  Together we can decrease the number of incidences of domestic violence by providing community-wide accessibility to services available and providing immediate locations for victims to turn for assistance.




To provide domestic and dating violence awareness and prevention programs with specialized fields in advocacy based and individual supportive counseling, area support groups, basic needs programs and supportive group counseling for families in crisis through educational and community outreach, transitional housing, and community resource assistance via group, and personal venues within the Tri-Cities area


         Safety Planning Information


         911 Cellular Phones available


         Facilitate Area support groups (call for locations and times)


         Providing Basic Needs Programs and community referrals assistance


         Community referrals for Mediation and Counseling services for families in crisis


         Legal Advocacy with Protection Orders 


         Domestic and Dating Violence Awareness Training programs to local businesses, health care agencies, area schools, and  community groups


         Certified advocates in the Address Confidentiality and Community Voicemail Box Programs.


         Community Referrals to other Social Service Agencies in the area.


         Medical and Legal Advocacy available.



(New programs on the way.)




Currently, our gency is available

only via email!






Program Director
Client Services Director
Outreach Coordinator

PLUS the numerous volunteer advocates and community members that help AAFV's mission of ending family violence one family at a time. THANK YOU!

If your interested in programs specifically for LGBT.  
Please contact a staff representative
Advocates Against Family Violence volunteers provides free and confidential individual and group supportive counseling sessions.  Discrimination is prohibited in all programs and activities:  no one shall be excluded on the base of race, national origin, religion, gender, income, age, disability, or sexual orientation.