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Silver Linings offers two group opportunities for clients affected by family violence: 

1.                  REAL Talk (Real Expectations Around Life) is a support group that meets weekly.  This is a 12-week structured topic group where clients are encouraged to participate in topic discussions.  Clients may choose from an afternoon or evening session.  Topics include but not limited to: facts around family violence, dispelling the myths on family violence, survivors bill of rights and personal bill of rights, patterns of abuse, danger signals of an abusive relationship, signs of a battering personality, affects of family violence on children, plus many more topics.  After clients have successfully completed REAL Talk, she may choose to attend Silver Linings Transitions support group session.


1.                   Transitions is an unlimited interactive support group that assists survivors in the transition from abuse to healthy living.  Clients have either successfully completed REAL Talk or attended some kind of family violence support group through another venue.  Transitions provides in-depth supportive group sessions with the opportunity for clients to be interactive in all group discussions.  Topics include but not limited to: new love and how to spot addictive relationships, dependency issues within your relationships, living free from family violence, how to interact with your children once living an abusive relationship, plus many more topics.  Transitions offers quarterly guest speakers with topics in mind to assist clients on becoming and staying violence free within their own relationships. This allows clients to communicate with area agencies and gain knowledge on what is available throughout their local community. 


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