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Patterns of Physical Abuse
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Physical abuse may begin in a physically nonviolent way; that is, with neglect, which can include not allowing her access to basic needs (food, shelter, hygiene items); not allowing her to sleep; or withholding physical intimacy as a way to control her. When the abuse moves into overt violence, he may begin with assaults such as painful pinching or squeezing. As the abuser escalates, he becomes more violent and his violence becomes targeted; that is, directed to part of the body, such as the torso, where the injuries are less likely to show. When the abuser believes he will not be held accountable for his behaviors, he may inflict visible injuries. The following is a list of physically abusive behaviors:

         Pinching and/or squeezing in a painful way

         Pushing, shoving or restraining

         Jerking, pulling, shaking or hair pulling

         Slapping or biting

         Targeted hitting, kicking, etc. so that injuries do not show. The abusers actions here are evidence that he is not out of control when he batters. Instead he is using violence to control and exert power over the victim

         Strangling the victim

         Throwing objects at the victim

         Abuses the children sexually, physically, and/or emotionally

         Sustained series of hitting or kicking blows, visible injuries

         Physical abuse that requires medical treatment

         Abuser deprives the victim of sleep, food, medicine, other essentials

         Throwing the victim

         Causing broken bones and/or internal injuries

         Causing miscarriage or injuries that require a therapeutic abortion

         Using objects at hand, such as household utensils, as weapons

         Denying the victim medical treatment

         Using weapons such as a gun or knife

         Causing permanently disabling and/or disfiguring injuries


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