Advocates Against Family Violence

Getting Involved
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ADVOCATES AGAINST FAMILY VIOLENCE knows that not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. Our agency is always seeking community members to volunteer in an array of different ways. Look below to see how you can help!


  • Do you have experience planning events?
  • Have you ever been involved in direct mail or fundraising activities?
  • Seeking Translators (Spanish & Russian) needed for translation of agency information flyers.
  • Volunteer Advocates for advocacy-based, individual and group supportive counseling
  • Assist in coverage for the agency's booth during community outreach events
  • Facilitators for AAFV's Self-Esteem Building Program
  • Volunteer a trade service.  Currently, seeking community volunteer members for AAFV's  Self-Esteem Building Program  (beauticians, karate instructors, manicurists, photo printshop location and beauty salon location)
  • Are you a part of an organization, corporation, agency, that might be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor? Do you know someone who is?


  • Basic Needs Program 
    1. Pre-paid gas cards
    2. Pre-paid phone cards
    3. Grocery certificate
    4. Hygeine products
    5. Fun things for our Kidz Canz (ie: art supplies, crayons)
  • Your old cellular phone! It could save someones life. Our clients use them as emergency contact phones in case of life threatening situation with their abuser.
  • Child's "gently used" backpacks. Our agency fills them with donated school supplies and hands them out to children affected by family violence for the beginning of the school year.


  • Does your employer use a printing company that might be willing to print AAFV's education and outreach material pro-bono in return for your business? Printing represents one of our largest program and administrative expenses!

  • Do you know a caterer, restaurant owner, or manager who might be willing to help us with a fundraising reception or groceries/snacks/beverages that we can provide to the youth?

  • Do you know performers, other personalities, or community leaders who might be willing to donate their time to benefit AAFV?

We will be thrilled to hear from you!

Make a Donation

Like many charitable organizations, AAFV depends upon the community for its growth and success. Volunteers aid in training, help with mailing out fliers, and assist at various functions. We also depend upon the Government for different cash grants and gifts available to organizations like ourselves. Cash and gift donations are often passed on through community groups and sometimes other charitable groups.

If you, or your groups representative, would like to assist AAFV in any way we would love the help. Cash and gift donations can have pickups arranged by any of our staff, please Contact Us and we will make arangements to meet with you.

The AAFV's Advocate Team Thanks You!

How To Reach Us?
Tri-Cities, Washington