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Patterns of Sexual Abuse
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Abusers often use sexual assaults and/or harassment as a tool against their partner. It can be difficult for victims and survivors of sexual assault to discuss this form of abuse. Silver Linings encourages survivors and their supporters to become aware of the patterns of sexual abuse. The following is a list of sexually abusive behaviors:

         Abuser jokes about women and sex in the presence of the victim

         Looks on women as sex objects

         Pretends to be extremely jealous

         Minimizes the victims feelings and needs regarding sex

         Criticizes the victim in sexual terms

         Touches the victim against the victims wishes (molestation)

         Withholds sex and affection

         Attaches sexual labels to the victim: slut, whore, frigid

         Always demands sex

         Forces the victim to undress as a form of humiliation (this may be in front of the children in the home)

         Abuser is promiscuous with others

         Forces the victim to witness his sexual acts with others

         Uses threats to back up his demands for sex

         Forces the victim to have sex with him or others

         Forces sex after beating the victim

         Abuser uses objects and/or weapons in sexual acts

         Sadism, mutilation


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