Professional Resources:


  1) Abused Men: The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

Philip W. Cook


  2) Battered Women

Lenore E. Walker


  3) Defending Our Lives: Getting Away from Domestic Violence and Staying Safe

Susan Murphy-Milano


  4) It's My Life Now: Starting Over After An Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence

Meg Kennedy, Kennedy Dugan, Roger R. Hock


  5) Keeping the Faith: Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse

Marie M. Fortune


  6) Violence in Gay and Lesbian Domestic Partnerships

Charles Harvey Miley, Claire M. Renzetti (Editor), Charles Harvey Miley (Editor)


 7) When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse

K. J. Wilson


  8) "Not to People like Us": Hidden Abuse in Upscale Marriages

Susan Weitzman


  9) Something Is Wrong at My House: A Book About Parent's Fighting

Dane Davis, Marina Megale (Illustrator)


10) Surviving Violence Sourcebook

Dawn Bradley, Bradley Berry


11) Groupwork with Children of Battered Women: A Practitioner's Manual

Einat Peled and Diane Davis


12) It Won't Last Forever (A child's book about living with a depressed parent)

Doris Sanford


13) Something Must Be Wrong with Me (A boy's book about sexual abuse)

Doris Sanford


14) I Can't Talk About It (A girl's book about sexual abuse)

Doris Sanford


15) Called to Account: The story of one family's struggle to say no to abuse

M'Liss Switzer & Katherine Hale

Advocates Against Family Violence

Reading Recommendations
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Below are several AAFV reading recommendations related to family violence issues. 
If you have read a book that you think stands out and should be added to our list please Contact Us with the information (including: title of book, author, target reading age(s), and any other information we should know about the selection).
We will be glad to add it to our growing list of resources!

Parent  / Family & Friends Resource:


  1) How to Survive the Sexual Abuse of Your Child.

Chris Larsen & Anne Zaro

  2) Children Who See Too Much: Lessons from the Child Witness to Violence Project

Betsy McAlister Groves

  3) To Be An Anchor In The Storm: A Guide for Families and Friends of Abused Women

Susan Brewster, M.S.S.W.


  4) How to Survive the Sexual Abuse of Your Child.

Chris Larsen & Anne Zaro

Children Resources:


Parents need to be prepared and able to answer any questions or comments that a child may have during and following the reading.


  1) Hear My Roar (A story of family violence)

 Dr. Ty Hochban and Vladyana Krydorda


  2) Mommy and Daddy are Fighting (A story told by a child's perception)

Susan Paris


  3) Let's Talk about Feeling Angry

Joy Berry


  4) Hands are Not for Hitting (A story about all the good things our hands can do)

Martine Agassi, Ph.D.


  5) Dinosaurs Divorce (A guide for challenging families)

 Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown


  6) Sometime I Feel Awful

Joan Singleton Prestine


  7) A Safe Place (A child's story about living in a domestic violence shelter)

Maxine Trottier


  8) A Place for Starr (A story of hope for children experiencing family violence)

Howard Schor


  9) When Someone in the Family Drinks too Much (A story to help children learn about alcoholism)

Richard C. Langsen


10) Let's Talk About It: Divorce (A story to help ease the children's mind about divorce)

Fred Rogers


11) Do I Have a Daddy? (A story about a single parent home)

Jeanne Warren Lindsay


12) Goodnight, Daddy (A story for a child whose absent father doesn't always follow through on his scheduled visits)

Angela Seward


13) The Right Touch: A read aloud story to help prevent child sexual abuse

Sandy Kleven, LCSW


14) Just Tell the Truth: A coloring book to prepare children who are going to court

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