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Definition of Female Violence
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Female violence is:

Any behavior which is adopted by a woman to control you, which causes physical, sexual or psychological damage or causes you to live in fear. Physical and sexual violence are the most obvious forms of violence. Pushing, biting, hitting, punching and using a weapon are all forms of violence. Forcing you to participate in sex is violence. Threats are a form of violence.


Other forms of violence include:

Unsafe driving, destroying your possessions, insulting or humiliating you publicly, lying, making you think you're crazy or stupid, controlling your money, isolating you from friends or family, hurting your children or pets, blackmail, treating you like a servant, threatening murder or suicide, drugging you, creating a sense of impending punishment.


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Men often say these are the most insidious forms of violence and abuse because they are difficult to explain and are often regarded as "ordinary relationship problems."

Advocates Against Family Violence

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