Advocates Against Family Violence

How Battered Men Cope

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Many battered men believe they are equally responsible for their partner's violence BUT they are not to blame. All violence has damaging consequences.

Battered men need to believe in their choice to choose and their choice to have change in their abusive relationsip.


Battered Men Have Tried To Cope By:

  • being careful about what they say, when they say things and how they say them.
  • trying to talk to their abusive partner about her stress, drug use or moods.
  • giving up doing anything likely to upset her.
  • adapting their behaviour to what she says she wants.
  • trying to make agreements or set boundaries.


    Never Think Her Violence Is Your Fault!
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    Remind Yourself You Deserve To Live In Safety
    And That Her Violence Is Not Your Fault!



    If You Are A Battered Man Needing to Believe and Trusting in Your Own Feelings is An Important Part of Healing

    You may not have believed until recently that her behavior could be labelled as violent.

    If you feel scared and unsafe in her presence something is wrong. You are the best judge of how safe you are.

    You may not have told anyone about the violence.

    You may have told friends who have not understood your danger and distress.

    Acknowledge the pain and grief of abuse.

    Excerpts used from

    Advocates Against Family Violence
    Tri-Cities, Washington